Why do Muslim Perform Qurban?

The Act of Qurban symbolises unconditional love and faith towards Allah SWT. As it is narrated in the Holy Quran, Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) had a dream, not once, but repeatedly where he was being asked by Allah (SWT) to sacrifice his son Ismail (A.S). This was a test of love and submission towards Allah.

Assist Malawians and Africans with Qurban

Malawi and other part of Africa is now facing a critical poverty level!

In 2020, Hanan Qurban offers Malawi as one of the countries that needs help and Alhamdulillah for the participants last year.

This year, we widen to the other regions in Africa as well.

Your Qurban can put a smile back on the needy African Muslims! For only $170, many families can be saved from hunger this Eid Adha! Contribute now!